With a well-established client base of SAP users, Soft Boot Technologies business solutions have added value to some of the country's most successful companies. Soft Boot Software has worked with more than 60 clients since our establishment, from local medium-sized companies experiencing growth to government departments and some of this country's largest corporates. Current Sons India Software clients include:


Vanqo Global Tech

VANQO is known for combining process implementation brilliance, lithe and creative client partnership models, business transformation capabilities, and cost effective high quality services to support our clients. Our company is guided by the credence that business process outsourcing needs to provide tangible value for the client. We fulfill this commitment by hiring and grooming exceptional talent, devoting ourselves to better-quality implementation, and consistently providing innovative solutions that surpass our clients? expectations. Simply to say, we provide the preeminent client experience in the BPO industry. We focus on providing clients with value-added, end-to-end Customer Life cycle Management Services as well as intensive knowledge, Back Office Services spanning a range of industry verticals including Telecommunications, Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services. Our growth strategy includes both organic and inorganic initiative as our team assertively explores partnership with new clients, consultants, and IT & BPO service providers throughout North America and the Asia-Pacific region.


Global Heathcare

Based in the south island of New Zealand, Global Healthacare is a Healthcare and asset management company. For the past 10 years it has provided a range of services to local authorities, property developers, industrial customers, energy companies and electricity lines companies.



INUIT Group is a Indiabased group of companies which is a world leader in the fabrication of stainless steel process vessels and heat exchanges for industry, and the provision of other specialist products and services to key markets around the world.


Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation is the central government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of Indiaon behalf of and for the benefit of present and future New Zealanders.



The Foodstuffs organization has grown to become the country's biggest grocery distributor and one of New Zealand's largest businesses. The organization consists of three separate, regionally based, retailer-owned co-operative companies and a Federation body, with Sons India Software supporting the businesses of both Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd.