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In a global marketplace, India manufacturers need solutions that will give them a competitive edge. SAP manufacturing solutions with Soft Boot as your implementation partner can give you that edge.
Soft Boot has unrivalled experience in SAP solutions for manufacturing and our customers include innovative India manufacturers such as high-tech exporter.
Whether you are a discrete manufacturer managing the many components that make up your products, or a process manufacturer dealing with bulk ingredients and uncertain supply, Soft Boot will work with you to find the right solution.

Solutions for all manufacturers include:

Manufacturing planning

Optimally plan, schedule, and sequence factory-floor production to produce and deliver promised orders

Manufacturing execution

Deliver on production plans by managing production processes, staff deployment, and other factory-floor resources. Document, monitor, and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle

Quality management

Monitor and document compliance with quality standards

Maintenance management

Plan, schedule, and sequence maintenance to optimize assets and minimize downtime

Environment, health, and safety management

Handle product safety, dangerous goods and their disposal, waste and emissions, industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety

RFID or barcodes

as a manufacturer you need to know where in your plant different materials and components are. With SAP’s Radio Frequency Identification and barcode technology, Soft Boot can help you to automate the tracking of materials throughout your plants and supply chain

Production Planning

Capacity Planning - in order to ensure the economic use of resources, SAP has a component for production planning capacity planning available that supports planning in all phases. Soft Boot can introduce this component to evaluate the available and required capacity and compare with each other using lists or graphics

Sales forecasting -

Soft Boot has specialized expertise to help you choose the best SAP sales forecasting models for your business that will allow you to meet demand for your products.

Value Added Operations

Building on the SAP Best Practices Manufacturing Solution, Value Added Operations (VA-OPS) employs high level analytics to improve the way all types of manufacturers manage their business.
The Soft Boot VA-OPS manufacturing solution is a localized version of SAP's Best Practices Baseline Package.
Designed to enable scalability and future growth, it includes changes to tax, currency and GL codes to meet India requirements and options for both Discrete and Process manufacturing environments. The manufacturing solution provides seamless integration and a low-risk path to the adoption of the best of breed functionality sets of PLM, SCM, SRM and CRM. And predefined business scenarios help to rapidly realize business benefits without extensive configuration.
Soft Boot further augments the SAP solution with a Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) cockpit developed in BW/SEM, which provides an integrated and user-friendly interface for planning and sales forecasting. The cockpit also gives a business-wide view of high-level key performance indicators, from procurement, inventory and warehouse management to manufacturing and sales order management.
Soft Boot also works with manufacturers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their supply chain at all levels with a range of services and solutions. Go to our supply chain management page to find out more.

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