Service Providers

Welcome To Service Providers

Soft Boot has worked with service providers in a range of industries throughout New Zealand, including utilities, infrastructure and property support services, and have experience with the unique demands faced by asset and capital intensive enterprises.
We can meet the specific needs of both operations and professional service providers with SAP solutions that offer the ability to focus on efficiency, but not at the expense of your stakeholders, clients or profits.
Features we can offer include:

Client and opportunity management

Integrate your business processes to create profitable, long-term client relationships

Project service delivery

Create, structure and staff your projects. Execute projects within established timeframes, while managing quality and adherence to contractual agreements

Knowledge and resource management

Develop, enhance, structure and store the information and knowledge critical to your success

Engagement management

Ensure accurate and timely billing and reduce the need for manual processes and redundant data entry

Partner management

Control third-party expenditure

Service support

Optimize the delivery of ongoing managed services.

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