IT problems cause serious disruptions and create a major headache for an organization's IT department. You need to know your SAP infrastructure is in a safe pair of hands.
The Soft Boot Support Centre is a national leader in delivering SAP support services, with a dedicated staff of 16 SAP professionals serving 24 clients in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
Our commitment to delivering responsive, high quality support has been recognized with SAP Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Certification, making ours the first fully-certified SAP Support Centre in New Zealand. The Soft Boot support team works collaboratively with established SAP users, offering an innovative and flexible service that includes mentoring and thought leadership to ensure you are leveraging maximum value from your SAP infrastructure.
And our support solutions complement our implementation services, ensuring new SAP users receive reliable end-to-end service from one of New Zealand's most experienced implementation partners.
With our dedicated resources, regular staff development and training, and a high level of investment in hardware and software, the Soft Boot Support Centre is a safe pair of hands for your business.

Solution Manager

Used by Soft Boot as a strategic tool for supporting customer systems, SAP Solution Manager gives you an invaluable monitoring service for any SAP landscape.
A centralized, robust toolset for distributed systems, SAP Solution Manager is a systems monitoring tool for all current and future SAP landscapes that can support non-SAP systems as well.
Our support team is experienced in the use of SAP Solution Manager for system monitoring and Early Watch Alert reporting. Ongoing investment by Soft Boot in research and development of this product helps to reduce the cost of undertaking routine support services. And our commitment to SAP Solution Manager means we can continue to free up resources to leverage others areas of the systems for our clients.